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Marriage to an Ukrainian in Estonia, court permission to marry

If you want to entrust this court process to professionals in the field, please contact us and we will apply to the court on your behalf. The cost of the service is 100 euros, which includes advice on the documents required for submission, preparation of an application for court permit (to marry in Estonia) and we will submit the application to court, counseling during the court proceedings, obtaining court permission from the court and forwarding it to you. WE WORK DAILY, WE GUARANTEE TO RECEIVE THE CERTIFICATE IN THE MAXIMUM SHORT TERM. IF NECESSARY, WE WILL PREPARE A STATEMENT TODAY. It makes sense to CONTACT US EVEN IF THE FOREIGNER HAS NOT YET ARRIVED TO ESTONIA. IN SUCH CASE, WE WILL APPLY ON YOUR NAME AND YOU MAY COME TO ESTONIA TO OBTAIN A CERTIFICATE OR AT A COURT ORGANIZED HEARING (IF THE COURT CONSIDERS TO ORGANIZE IT) + 372 6557545,

Contact me, Vitali Denikin, senior lawyer:

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